DJ Fatte - No words needed

DJ FATTE - NO WORDS NEEDED album na vinylu

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Side A
1. No Words Needed
2. About Hip-Hop
3. Back To Work
4. Cold Breath
5. Vigilance
6. Smoking Allowed
7. Street Chess feat. Honza Peroutka (Keys)
8. Soaked
9. My Culture

Side B
10. Ride Alone
11. Strawberry Jam feat. Jambees (Guitar)
12. Blooming
13. Bring It Back feat. Honza Peroutka (Keys)
14. Passing By
15. Present Perfect
16. Sun, Hay and Some Funk feat. Honza Peroutka (Keys)
17. Pork Head feat. Honza Peroutka (Keys)
Značka: DJ Fatte
650 Kč
Kategorie: Vinyl